Kerambait Syndicate, also known as K.Syndicate™ is born and raised in Johor Bahru.

From humble roots, K.Syndicate™ started off as street hustlers, but not just any hustler, the biggest badass hustler in the fashion game. They could take on the streets, and they know they will become an international company that can take on the biggest brands in the world of fashion.

Hustling on the streets isn’t easy, and K.Syndicate™ is a lifestyle brand above all else. The grind, the grit, and the hustle became the fundamentals of what the brand stands for. It’s not all about the blood and sweat though, it’s also about the hood, the goodwill, and the roots. Never forget where you come from and K.Syndicate™ holds this to heart.

The styles of the runway, the sounds of the beats, the high life of clubs, and the sex appeal of an Adonis; K.Syndicate™ learns these from the grind, no alliance no affiliation to any group, only the hustlers. They know what’s in and what’s old in the fashion scene, and only the latest trends in fashion are produced. From the streets to the design studio, K.Syndicate™ was daring from the start.

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